As I mentioned before, the Touched are healers, teachers, manipulators, operators of people in position of power and a whole lot more…and if you’re not one of them or you know, me, they would look just like normal people. 

But the Hunters; the ones whose sole purpose is to hunt down their own, their damaged ones? Now that is a whole new caliber of dangerous all together. Even if you don’t know what they are, you recognize them at a subconscious level. They are the people that you try not to stare at, when you’re near them, you feel it, a twist in your belly that warns you of danger. Unlike other Touched that draws people, people tend to shy away from Hunters. It’s nothing really obvious, it’s just something about them that makes you want to go as far away as them as possible. 



Leah has always known she was different, it was hard not to when you see things that people normally don’t. Not to mention, her family has a knack for disappearing…and ending up in the crazy house.

When her mother disappeared from her locked bedroom on Leah’s ninth birthday, she knew whoever was after them meant business. After almost nine years of keeping her head down, one new student threatens her silence.

Copyright © 2011 by D.F. Jules



Channing lifted a hand, wiped blood from his skin and without even blinking, licked it. Lei thought about grimacing but she didn’t really feel that odd anymore about watching her best friends lick blood off their own skin. After seeing them turn into wolves, other things seems pale in comparison. But then again, she still gets confused over Colin’s mindless hatred of clowns.

Copyright © 2012 by D.F. Jules

His hands slid away from me but I could still feel the imprint of his palms on my skin. The thread that had tangled us together started to unravel, like spider webs parting at the thrust of a hand, clinging to my skin. I watched him roll his shoulders and rub his hands together, a leftover of our connection made my palm felt the pricks of a thousand hot needles. His eyes were still golden bright, always a sign that he was using his powers. “Yeah. How are your hands?”
I watched the way he stood in front of me, relaxed and oozing satisfaction. I got the impression that he was also surprised that he had healed me the way he had. How deep our Merge had gone. And he was terribly pleased with himself.
“I don’t know. Let’s test it, shall we?”
I rammed my fist against his face and felt barbaric glee when I heard something in his face break. I knew the injury wouldn’t last but the knowledge that I had broken his nose would last me a while.
-Original Fiction: Touched:The Sword
“I’m almost done.” His voice said into my ear. For a second I thought our connection was broken again and I wondered why it didn’t hurt like it did before but then I felt the motion of his chest against my back, how his breathing matched mine. Then I realized that the single heartbeat inside my head was not single at all, it was both of our hearts, beating in perfect time.
-Original Fiction: TOUCHED-The Sword