"That is a story like a sad dream. A story that is now like a faraway star, like a dimly remembered legend. There’s a moment I wish I could stop forever. The moment a person I loved met death. It’s a moment I don’t want to see, I don’t want to believe, where I can’t do a thing, where I’m helpless. There’s a moment I wish I could stop forever. And even if I must do this to prevent it, there are words I don’t want to hear.”


"I have an oppa. And my oppa has a friend. The three of us were always together. But on one spring night, just like a lie, my beloved oppa left for far, far away. And after that day, oppa’s friend became my oppa. I have an oppa. My chilhood dream was to marry oppa. Oppa’s hand that pats my hair, the sound of oppa’s breathing, oppa’s mell. It was just as it had been, but that day, oppa became unfamiliar."